Prepare report on Impacts of Leadership Styles on Employee

You need to prepare report on Impacts of Leadership Styles on Employee Motivation in the Government Sector of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Make sure that the ideas are clear and related to the leadership in Abu Dhabi government.

You need to prepare only

1- Abstract (half page)

2- Theoretical Framework (1-2 pages)

3- Discussion of the Review Findings and Implications (1-2 pages)

4- Conclusion (1 page)

All APA citation


A. Overview

The GRP involves students evaluating the importance and significance of different leadership styles and their influence on employee motivation.

The purpose of this study is to address the gap in literature as it will cover exploring all four leadership styles (Transformational leadership, Servant Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Authentic Leadership) and their relationship with employee motivation. In addition to that this research should give leaders the knowledge on their current leadership style and the level of success it has in raising the level of employee motivation among their teams.

In this regard, this GRP is proposed to be conducted with the following objectives:

1) Explore the relationship between the servant leadership style and employee motivation.
2) Explore the relationship between the transformational leadership style and employee motivation.
3) Explore the relationship between the authentic leadership style and employee motivation.
4) Explore the relationship between the transactional leadership style and employee motivation
5) Explore and determine the different levels in the relationship between employee motivation and each of the leadership styles.
6) Investigate the relationship between culture and the leadership's styles.

B. Secondary Data Analysis
You must have a minimum of 15 sources, using a variety of types. You must have at least 5 resources outside of the materials you have used in this class. Outside resources may mean books and scientific articles but is not limited to them. Resources may also mean films, interviews, artwork, as well as other things. This whole sequence of assignments and activities is designed to encourage you to use writing as part of your research process, to use writing to help you learn.

You must have at least:

13 peer-reviewed articles (all being listed in SCOPUS, or ABDC Journals Quality Lists)

The types of references you choose will depend on the research subject and topic question you are addressing. Use the following format:
• Sources should be listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the author or lead author.

• Begin each entry with a bibliographic reference (author, title, publication info) using APA format. The references should be in APA Style using Microsoft Word (for more details see the attached file in Blackboard).

• All in-text citations should be included in the reference list, and all references should have in-text citations.

•For more information regarding the APA citation style, please see a file named "Academic Integrity Policy" on Blackboard under the section "Course Materials" in the "Assignments/Exercises" folder.

C. Learning Objectives

The GRP of this assessment is designed to assess your ability to:

• Demonstrate a competent understanding of research methods, and methodological and philosophical underpinnings, applicable to research within the broad field of business, management, and leadership;

• Undertake a critical review of recent and relevant research appropriate to the development of the field of leadership and management understanding;

• Plan and produce an organized and logically planned and executed desk research approach to contributing to leadership and management theory and, where appropriate, practice;

• Write a final report that presents an authoritative account of your desk research;

• Plan and design an oral presentation of your project.

D. Proposed Structure of the GRP

The GRP must contain the following components: An outline of the purpose and content of each section is provided below:
1. Introduction: The introduction should give the reader a clear idea about the central issue of concern in your research and why you thought that this was worth studying. It should also include:

1.1 Statement of the problem
1.2 Need & justification of the study
1.3 Research aims & objectives
1.4 Definition of terms

2. Literature Review: The main purposes of your literature review are to summarize the major published literature in the field of your study and to set your study within its wider context and to show the reader how your study supplements the work that has already been done on your topic. The literature review, therefore, may inform directly your research questions and any specific hypotheses that your research is designed to test. Your literature review should have the following sections and sub-sections

2.1 What is presently known about the problem?
2.2 The relevant & pertinent literature on the purpose of the study
2.2.1 Transformational Leadership
2.2.2 Servant Leadership
2.2.3 Authentic Leadership
2.2.4 Transactional Leadership
2.2.5 Motivation
2.3 Organization of review and its justification

3. Theoretical Framework: A theoretical framework is a collection of interrelated concepts, like a theory but not necessarily so well worked-out. A theoretical framework guides your research, determining what things you will measure, and what statistical relationships you will look for

4. Discussion of the Review Findings and Implications
4.1 What has been learned?
4.2 What are the gaps in knowledge?
4.3 Research questions, propositions or hypotheses
4.4 Limitations and any basic assumptions of the study
4.5 Ethical issues and Procedures how was consent obtained in the original studies?

5. Conclusion - This should be a conclusion to the whole project (and not just the research findings). Check that your work answers the questions in the following table:
Do your Conclusions Answer These Questions?

-Did the research project meet your research objectives?

- Did the research project answer your research questions?

-What are the main findings of the research?

-Are there any recommendations for future action based on the conclusions you have drawn?

-Do you have any overall conclusions on the research process itself?

-Where should further research be focused? (Typically this will consider two points: firstly, new areas of investigation implied by developments in your project, and secondly parts of your work which were not completed due to time constraints and/or problems encountered.)

Attachment:- RESEARCH PROJECT.rar

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