Prepare a report in PowerPoints as 15 PPTslides about

Question: Prepare a report in Power Points as 15 PPT slides about DIGITAL MARKETING in an expanded form not briefly, you can also have a look for the sample attached and see the way how they did.

Report Including:
- Introduction
- Research Question
- Conduct an online search on10 articles should read and summarize them + (you need tomention them at the references as APA Style)
- Survey about same topic above as "6 questions + their analysis" same attached way of the example below:

In the fifth question, respondents were asked if they smoke. 77.1% of our respondents answered with No. yet a concerning percentage of our respondents, around 22.9%, answered with YES. Indicating that smoking may not be a widespread issue within the young adult age range, yet some young adults do participate in this habit.

- Conclusion

- References as APA Style

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