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PHI 200 Professional Ethics - Emirate College of Technology

Project Guidelines:

For this project, choose an organization you know (for example, a company you have worked foron a full-time or part-time basis or worked for as a volunteer). Use principles and codes in ethics that you learned in this course to identify real moral issues or problems you realized at work and elaborate on how to solve them.

The project should coverany fourout of the following topics already discussed throughout the semester:(topic (a) is a must as to be included in the project for all students)

a. Normative theories for professional ethics
b. Corporate responsibility: Social Responsibility initiatives
c. Moral Issues in recruitment and selection policies and decisions
d. Employee privacy at the workplace
e. Conflict of interests in Businesses
f. Job discrimination in the work arenas
g. Consumers' rights and product safety

During the class time,each studentneeds toconduct an online presentation.
Successful projects will clearly demonstrate:

1. An introductory section following the table of contents: Describing the chosen company and writing a brief introduction about the project.

2. A review on ethical theories: writing a brief description of professional ethics theories.

3. The body section: stating the moral issues or problems and the suggested solutions for the issues\problems.(Elaborate with examples)

4. Findings and Analysis: stating the reasons behind the solutions provided.

5. A conclusion and Recommendations: writing a brief summary of your project and statingyoursuggestions and recommendations for future businesses.

6. References

7. Appendices if any

8. A clear, compelling, and engaging presentation

Attachment:- Professional Ethics.rar

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