Payment processing policy for the university of Sharjah -

This assignment is about the payment processing policy for the university of Sharjah, please follow the below instructions.

You need to follow the following structure:
- Overview
- Scope
- Purpose
- Policy
- Abbreviation and definitions
- Procedures

Please see the other documents, there are some points about the university procedures, you can them, and make sure to make effective policy.


Please mention the overview and background about this policy in brief. You can show a summary statement with descriptions of the activities addressed by the policy. You may define unique terms that, by being defined, would add to the reader's understanding of the policy. The statement should be brief which include a basic explanation for the policy.


Please mention the members of the University community who have the responsibility to adhere to the policy, such as Staff, Faculty and Students. Others governed by the policy may include people working on behalf of the University, visitors, and others involved in certain administrative transactions. Moreover, the policy may concern on things or documents, so please mention the related things for this specific policy.


Please mention the reason for the creation of this policy. A concise summary of the objectives may also be given if it helps to clarify the subject matter. The purpose statement should inform readers why the section was issued and what information they will find there.
The purpose of a policy is to:
a) Promote accountability.
b) Direct, regulate and control actions or conduct.
c) Put criteria that allows users to regulate their own conduct in an appropriate manner.
d) Ensure the University is in compliance with applicable legislation.
e) Simplify how the University conducts business.


- Please take in your consideration when you write the policy that the policy statement is the governing principle, plan, or understanding that guides the action. It states what we do, but not how. The policy statement(s) should be brief, and is supplemented by the information within the rest of the section.
- This part allows for a fuller description of the issues that are being conveyed to the reader. Within this part, headings for each topic or subtopic should be considered in order to help the reader navigate and understand the policy components.
- The policy statement can be defined as:
a) Plan of what to do in a particular situation or set of circumstances.
b) Type of position statement.
c) Document that outlines specific requirements or rules that must be met.
d) Philosophy, a mission, or general objective.

- The policy statement provides a rationale for the policy, including underlying philosophy of the policy and what the policy hopes to accomplish. This part may include a statement of how the policy is related to the institution's core mission and values.
- Policy Statements range from 1-2 sentences to a paragraph in length, depending upon the subject matter.

Abbreviations and Definitions
If applicable and available

Notes that procedures describe how the policy is implemented at UOS. The action steps included here should clearly and accurately describe the process and responsibilities for accomplishing tasks governed by the policy. Procedures are the required process for the specific situation. In addition to supplying procedures, you may want to include guidelines.
Some policy sections may require multiple procedure headings for the different tasks addressed. Some policy sections may find it useful to include individual responsibilities as a separate heading rather than within the procedures. While procedures are organized as a chronological series of steps required to accomplish a task, responsibilities are organized as lists of tasks that must be completed by an individual or department. The level of detail contained in the Procedures document of the policy is determined by the Responsible Office. When creating procedures use the following format:
- List steps to follow in order to comply with the policy.
- Divide section marked by headings.
- Clearly identify options, cautions, or warnings
Procedures can be defined as:
a) Steps people are expected to take and the sequence in which to perform those steps.
b) Set of actions which are the official or accepted way of doing something.
c) Protocol for implementation, that is, the ‘how to'.
d) Details directions or instructions.

Tips for writing user-friendly procedures:
a) Be succinct.
b) Assign the action.
c) Start each step with the verb.
d) Limit each step to one action.
e) Use tangible, precise, specific, and factual language.
f) Employ special formats such as play scripts, flowcharts, and lists.
General Comments:
1. All policies and Procedures should be drafted in MS Word, using Calibri 11 pt font and 1″ margins.
2. Policies should be clear and concise.
3. Procedures should be in details.
4. Words should be selected carefully. Words such as should and may imply choice.
5. Do not use information that may quickly become outdated such as employee names or web addresses.
6. When using acronyms, spell out the words the first time, and then indicate the acronym in parenthesis for example University of Sharjah (UOS).

Attachment:- Policy Template Instructions.rar

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