Paper on an issue related to a global security challenge or

Academic Template: A Suggested Approach

Writing is a process. Be systematic. (A four-word sentence and then a two-word sentence - is that significant?) It is essential to showcase in your academic writing that you have read widely, and have understood the concepts and theories that you have encountered, which you then synthesize in your papers in your own words and properly referenced. Please do not let yourself be consumed by too much detail and background information. As a working model, let us divide a paper comprising 2,000 - 2,500 words into descriptive vs analytical segments along these lines:

Introduction [descriptive] interprets the question / problem; makes a thesis statement and lays out your approach / position: 10% of text → 200 - 250 words

Body paragraphs two / three and four (?) [descriptive] sets the context / gives background / defines terms / outlines your argument or focus of the paper / provides examples and evidence: 30% of text → 600 - 750 words

Body paragraphs five / six / seven / eight / nine (?) [analytical] gives your interpretation of your readings ; synthesizes or critiques the theories / models; it seeks to explain the rationale of the concepts that you have studied and cited ; it shows that you have thought deeply about this subject and have something original / interesting / controversial (?) to add to the debate: 50% of text → 1,000 - 1,250 words

Conclusion [analytical] is the restatement that summarizes for emphasis what you have understood and established in this paper; it provides a convincing ‘takeaway' for the reader: 10% of text → 200 - 250 words

We are not proposing a ‘one size fits all' template, rather a reminder that to impress the reader, you need a balanced approach with essential background detail and exposition (40% of the paper) that you enhance by giving penetrating analysis (60% + of the paper). This is the hallmark and standard that NDC expects of a graduate studies academic paper.

Analytical Paper
Each participant will write a final paper on an issue related to a global security challenge or threat. The participant must apply one of the International Relations theories presented during the course to analyze the challenge, threat, or opportunity. And must determine which international institution or regional organization is most capable of addressing the challenge or threat, and why. If the topic focuses on bilateral relations, discuss possible alternative scenarios of the relationship. The paper should be between 1500-1800 words in length.

Apply realism and liberalism International Relations theories

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