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OPS 6310 Operations Management - Abu Dhabi School of Management

LO 1. Demonstrate a critical awareness of knowledge issues in operations management and operations strategy as the basis for original thinking.

LO 2. Critically apply advanced skills required in research, analysis, evaluation of complex ideas, information, concepts and/or activities related to operations management.

Program Learning Outcomes:

The Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) indicated above are mapped to your overall (MBA) Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs). This assessment tests your achievement in the program with reference to the following PLOs:

LO 1: Experiment with multiple theories and functional perspectives for the interpretation of comprehensive challenges to the business environment

LO 2: Select appropriate research instruments to address domestic factors and drivers in the global context

LO 3: Combine relevant theoretical advances with functional business skills to construct timely and informed decisions

LO 4: Defend arguments using effective teamwork; value diverse perspectives and skills; and deploy a variety of roles to accomplish team goals


Carefully read the attached case "Amazon vs Whole Food: When Cultures Collide" which highlights a cultural collision between the operating philosophies of the two organizations.

Assessment Questions:
1- Critically analyse the Operating Model differences in terms of standardization adopted by Amazon and the Customer focus adopted by Whole Foods.

2- Critically assess the concept of Structured Empowerment approach discussed in the case.

3- Synthesize your findings in terms of meeting the expectations of the merger as forecasted prior to the deal.

Attachment:- Operations Management.rar

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