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Assessment - Fire Safety Design Report (FSE)

TASK - Fire Safety Design Report

As part of your assignment, you are required to design fire protection systems and evaluate its appropriateness for the provided building layout. You are required to consider both Active & Passive fire protection systems for the given layout.

Assume, you are working for a fire consultancy in Muscat, Oman. Recently your organisation has achieved tender to verify/design the fire protection systems of the given building, vide the building in Figure-1 (page no. 5). Your Fire Safety Design Report should at least contain the following information:
• Design Calculations of Active Fire Protection systems: e.g. Sprinklers System, Fire Alarm & Detection System, and Clean Agent System (whichever is applicable).
• Required passive Fire Protection systems: e.g. compartmentation, number of emergency exit, emergency signs (whichever is applicable).
Throughout this assignment you should place a high emphasis on engineering/building design concepts related to Fire Safety Engineering supported with calculations, analysis, and relevant discussion.

Sections of the report:
A Introduction & objectives
Importance of fire prevention and protection systems in buildings, fire safety objectives, classification of occupancies, applicable standards.
B Active Fire Protection systems
Sprinkler system including hydraulic calculations, clean agent system & its calculations, detection & alarm systems (as give in the appendix
A) - whichever is applicable.
C Passive Fire Protection Requirements
Fire resistant compartmentation, fire doors, fire exits signs - whichever is applicable.
D References & overall presentation

References and format of the report

o Use A4 paper size settings and use normal margin.
o Use MS Word to prepare the course work.
• The section headings
o Title cases: Arial, font size 14, bold, left aligned.
• Body text and sub-headings
o Sub-headings: Arial, font size 12, bold, single-spaced.
o Body text: Arial, font size 12, single-spaced. Text must be ‘justified' aligned. Leave one blank line between paragraphs.
o The pages should be numbered consecutively, without any type of border.
• Diagram/Image/Graph
o Any kind image, figure or diagram taken/outsourced, must be cited with caption.
o Graphs should be prepared using MS Excel or any other application however image of handmade, scanned graphs are not acceptable.
• Referencing
o Referencing is a system that allows you to acknowledge the contributions of others in your writing and it emphasises the authenticity of the source of your information. Whenever you use ANY words.

Attachment:- Fire Safety Design Report.rar

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