OM 2092 Laws for the Built Environmentand Procurement,

Laws for the Built Environmentand Procurement

Question 1. Petroleum Development Oman LLCpropose plans to construct an oil production facility toramp up oil production to a new level of 70,000 barrels per day (bpd) in Fhood area. PDOplans to contract out this project to eligible contractors.
As the Contracts and Procurement Manager in the company, carry out the following tasks:
A. Recommend appropriate type of tendering strategy. Justify your selection appropriately.
B. Suggest a suitable method of selection of the tendering contractors. Explain your choice with suitable justification.
C. Suggest the most suitable method of payment to the contractor. Explain your choice with suitable justification.
D. Explain the duties and responsibilities of the following contributorsin the project:
i) Principles Contractor
ii) Clients/ Employer

Question 2. Prepare a contract of work for Dr. Osama AL Shukaili who has been appointed as a pilot in the Oman Air. Assume all necessary details.

Question 3. Grammar, neatness of formatting and presentation of work.

For referencing follow Harvard Referencing booklet and provide in-text citations. Use Font Arial, size 11.

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