OM 2057 Introduction to Research Methodology Assignment

OM 2057 Introduction to Research Methodology - International College of Engineering and Management

Literature Review

You are required to conduct a literature search to identify a viable "research gap", develop a hypothesis and summarize relevant literatures from various validated sources by:

1. Identifying the area/topic of research interest from Fire Safety engineering/management modules and their content in the curriculum.
2. Carrying out a well-structured survey in the area of your research interest to develop a Research Title* having a valid scope of research.
3. Learning to search, locate, cite, validate and refer the literatures (i.e. journal articles, books, e-books etc.) using library and other resources.
4. Prepare a critical review of literature on the basis of information and understanding of the subject identified as the "research gap"/research title*.

o Each student is expected to undertake all the activities mentioned in the course-work independently. In this assignment, you are expected to write a Literature Review covering the following:
o The "Literature Review" course-work is divided into the following FOUR sections:
A. Proposed research title:
Identify a viable Research Title* that you are interested in and based on facilities available in the Fire Safety Engineering laboratory (*to proceed further, obtain an approval from your module tutor within FOUR days of the issue date).
B. Introduction of the research topic with rationale (approximately 200 words):
A brief and initial note on the research topic which establishes context of the research and background information about the topic. In addition, stating the "need for study" and probable outcome(s).
C. Literature summary (approximately 1800 words):
a. Recognise any, relevant books, journals, research articles, conference proceedings, official documents etc. that match or address your probable research title and search for more similar articles.
b. Reference section should consist of 25 literature, among which:
» Five should be book or e-book references
» Fifteen should be peer reviewed journal articles
» Two should be authentic internet sources or two should be articles from conference proceedings
» Three should be official publications, such as, a British/European/International standard, NFPA/OSHA/HSE/SFPE guideline, ministerial / government reports etc.
c. Peruse the chosen resources, prepare a summary of each resource and consolidate as a critical literature review considering your proposed research topic.
D. References:
Prepare a reference section which validates the mentioned citations and provide each reference as per the guidelines

Attachment:- Research Methodology.rar

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