NT 3010 - Environmental Impact Assessment - Identify any

Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Systems


This assessment consists of two tasks;

Task: A- Practical exercise (group work). In this task each group is required to identify any one project related to (construction/oil and gas, sea port, petrochemical and refineries projects etc.) and perform an EIA to assess the impacts on the surrounding habitats with focus on various segments. Later, the observations should be presented using power point for evaluation.

Task -Bin this task, documents that are gathered/collected in support of the work done in task- A should be submitted according to the required format.


1. Each group should consist of 3-4 students and should commence their work on their chosen project upon confirmation from the module tutor.

2. Each group is required to present their work using power point presentation for 10-15 minutes and answer questions related to the work.

3. One hard copy of the presentation should be submitted before the presentation for evaluation.

4. Power point hard copy should be submitted as two slides per page back to back format in black and white print, however if colour copies are submitted no additional marks are allotted.

5. In Task B supporting documents should be also submitted along with assessment cover sheet.

6. The supporting documents should be MS word processed in A-4 paper.

7. Line spacing 1.5 with normal margins on all four sides of word document.

8. Document text should be word processed, typed in A4 paper size in Times New Roman fonts with 12 point while captions should be sentence case.

9. Document headings should be Times New Roman font with 14 point, bold and capitalize each word.

Attachment:- Practical Exercise and Group Presentation.rar

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