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Assignment: Develop a Technical Paper

Critical Literature Review

Write 20-30 pages of the critical literature review on the key issues of green project management/sustainability aspect identified from the phase of the project life cycle (Inception, design, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning & Hand Over, Operation& Maintenance). Each group only tackle 1 stage of the project life cycle.

The Critical Literature review must include cases studies which discuss:

Quesiton 1. Relevancy with any National Policy such NKEA etc. , Which SDG 17 principles are related? To which direction of sustainability area is your focus of study? The example of value creation to people, planet and prosperity

Quesiton 2. Reflection on sustainability criteria/factors/elementsand proven data from any green project management aspects

Quesiton 3. Conclusion on the important facts and statistical data from previous research on the related argument of the key issues.

Quesiton 4. Recommendations have to integrate how the highlighted issues need a bridging as a research gap and develop the potential for improvising the implementation which needed research.

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