MGT 301 - Organizational Behavior - Prepare an essay on

Prepare an essay on Motivation - Employee motivation related to employee performance in the organization

Write an essay about motivation taking into consideration the following points:

Part 1: Introduction (400 - 500 words) 
- What is motivation and how its different forms arerelated.
- What is the importance of employee performance?
- How do the different forms of motivation influence employee performance?

Part 2: Employee Motivation (900 - 1000 words)
- The concept motivation
- Herzberg and Maslow
- Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
- The relationship between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Part 3: Employee Performance (400 - 500 words) 
- Overall Performance in organizations
- Individual Job performance
- Measuring job performance (use job performance measuring tools)

Part 4: Employee Motivation and Performance (400 - 500 words) 

- Motivating employees intrinsically to perform
- Motivating employees extrinsically to perform

Part 5: Conclusion (400 - 500 words) 
- Conclusion
- Managerial implications

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