MBA643 Business Research Methods, Canadian University Dubai

Business Research Methods

Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate in depth knowledge fundamental research philosophies and approaches to conduct research in business.
Learning Outcome 2: Critically evaluate the quality of the methodological approaches presented in published scientific studies featuring the methods covered in the course.
Learning Outcome 3: Critically analyze and synthesize qualitative and quantitative data essential for decision making using a range of quantitative models such as regression, factor analysis, and statistics.


Download the data from MyCUD depending on whether your last student ID number is odd or even.

The variables' description is present in the data file itself.

Complete the following tasks submitting a power point along with the Excel file with your computationsin MyCUD, at the turnitin link available. Use the power point template provided.


Complete a full data analysis exercise including:

• Summary/descriptive statistics (use the pivot table to provide information on the counts/percentages, with one variable at a time, and with two variables at a time);

• Appropriate statistical tests;

• Linear regression (ensure to enable the analysis toolkit function in Excel, and select the appropriate dependent variable and explanatory variables, as seen in class. You should present one linear regression with multiple explanatory variables);

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