Marketing Management - develop a new plan to communicate

Marketing Management

Assessment - Marketing Communications analysis

Assignment is about marketing Communication strategy for Oman Air

Learning outcome 1: Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding

Critical comprehension of the role, theories, concepts, practices, environmental frameworks and contexts of marketing in international, regional, national and global marketing contexts including the key role which research, marketing strategy, marketing plans, and marketing-led decision making have in organisations.

Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
Learning outcome 2: Deploy analytical tools of global marketing in relation to both the external and internal environments of organisations to synthesise, evaluate and develop appropriate strategic options in a complex environment

Refer to the work you carried out for Assignment 1 - this was the Marketing Strategy Analysis of Oman Air. In Assignment 2 you are now going to complete this work building on, and continuing with, the work in Assignment 1.Using this plan, you will need to primarily analyse the Marketing Communication strategy for your chosen product. This will be the main body of your report.

In addition, you will need to develop a new plan to communicate with the target market including a perspective on digital marketing and make some (creative!) recommendations of an alternative or new marcoms strategy that will increase market share and sales of Oman Air.

This new or alternative marketing communication plan (marcoms) can follow the traditional communication channels but must also include an element of digital marketing. Based on this work, you can generate recommendations to this organisation for the next 12-24 months' business, on new and novel ways to reach the intended target market.

Executive summary - an executive summary should be written in a way that allows the reader to know what the problem is and how it is to be solved. Essentially, it is a summary of your problem statement, objectives and recommendations and how to achieve them (i.e. how to solve the problem). Remember: if a CEO or MD is about to go into a meeting, and has two minutes before the meeting starts, they will read the executive summary - and this should tell them all the key points that they might need to know.

2. Objectives - objectives need to be SMART. You do not need to explain what SMART objectives are to the reader but you need to generate SMART objectives that relate specifically to your chosen company/area of study

3. Specifics - planning needs to be very specific, not vague; for example, stating that you will use ‘social media' for promotion because it is the ‘most efficient tool' is not enough. You need to identify the social media tool(s) that you are proposing using - what they are, why you are using them, how you would use them, and how they relate to the segment(s) you have identified.

Executive Summary(not included in word count)
• Write a short summary explaining the problem, the goals you want to achieve, and your suggestions for the solution.

Introduction and Objectives (150 words)
• Start by giving some background information about the report.
• Then, define the critical aspects of the current marketing communication strategy.
• After that, create specific and achievable goals for the new marketing communication plan, ensuring they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound (SMART).

Reflection on the Current Marketing Communication Strategy (500 words)
• Use the marketing analysis you did in Assignment 1.
• Identify and discuss the essential parts of the current marketing communication strategy. If needed, you can put detailed information from Assignment 1 in an appendix.

Overview of the New and Creative Marcoms Strategy (150 words)
• Think about new ways to communicate based on your research.
• Clearly state the objectives for the new marketing communication plan.
• If you've identified new target markets, explain how the product will be positioned differently in the new plan.

Develop the New Marcoms (Marketing communications) Plan, Including an Element on Digital Marketing (250 words)
• Describe the lifestyle of the new target audience.
• Define the main message and any supporting messages.
• Talk about the communication channels, including digital marketing.
• Explain how you'll measure the effectiveness of the new plan.
• Introduce the new 'Big Idea' and advertising approach creatively and add any graphics or creative details in the appendices.

Summary and Recommendations (150 words)
• Sum up the report briefly.
• List the key actions you recommend for Oman Air.
• Reflect on how the company can improve market share and sales with the new marketing communication plan.

Evaluation and Control (150 words)
• Explain how you'll monitor the plan.
• Discuss the tools and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you'll use.
• Make sure the objectives directly relate to Oman Air and the goals you've set.

Part B: Reflective Section (400-600+ words)
• Talk about what worked well and what didn't during the process.
• Reflect on what you've learned from this unit..
• Use a reflection theory such as Gibbs's reflection theory or an alternative theory.

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