MAR015-6 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

MAR015-6 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management - University of Bedfordshire

Assignment - A reflective report

Learning outcome 1: Demonstrate a critical understanding of the entrepreneurial character, start-up and growth strategies, and business planning.

Learning outcome 2: The ability to formulate and produce a comprehensive viable strategic business model and plan following a critical assessment of a market opportunity, using creativity, innovation, and an understanding of financial resource implications;
implement and evaluate the strategic business plan.

Write a Reflective Report on the Implications of Character Traits on Your Future Career

Produce a reflective report (25%) on your level of entrepreneurial character traits. Write about the implications this has for you in a specific business area or sector of your choice. This should be based upon online psychometric instruments including the General Enterprise Tendency test.

The aim of this assignment is to get you to apply the academic skills learned at Business School 1 to help you assess whether you have the character traits and other characteristics of an entrepreneur and to reflect on the implications of this.

Complete the General Enterprise Tendency test (GET) on LINK

Explain the meaning of the results (see chapter 2 New Venture Creation). A copy of your test results must be submitted with your report.

Provide evidence that supports (or contradicts) these results. For example:

• Other psychometrics tests such as the ‘AULIVE' creativity test on LINK. Please acknowledge the use of any test results that have been submitted on other MBA assessments. A copy of any other tests you have used must also be submitted with your report.

• Examples of your actions and behaviours over your life and business career.

Give a brief account of the possible influences on your character traits such as education, family background, work experience etc., linking specific influences with specific traits wherever possible.

Reflect on and provide conclusions about your character traits and the implications applied within a particular business sector. Please do not include any elements that have been submitted/marked in previous submissions.

Attachment:- Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.rar

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