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M/506/9074 Strategic Marketing - Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Business Strategy

Learning Outcome 1: Be able to understand the relationship between the marketing plan and strategic objectives.
1.1 Critically evaluate how marketing techniques and tools can support the strategy of an organisation and how these impacts on the marketing plan.
1.2 Determine marketing methodologies and approaches that contribute to a marketing plan within complex organisations.
1.3 Address risk associated with the marketing plan

Learning Outcome 2: Be able to produce a strategic marketing plan.
2.1 Critically analyse the components of a marketing plan and the levels of importance of each component to the achievement of strategic objectives.
2.2 Address mitigation strategies for high risk components of the plan.
2.3 Develop a marketing plan that will achieve strategic objectives for a complex organisation.

Learning Outcome 3: Be able to promote the marketing plan in support of strategic objectives.
3.1 Discuss how the plan supports strategic objectives.
3.2 Develop an approach to gain agreement for the marketing plan that will change organisation actions and methods to achieve strategic objectives.
3.3 Critically evaluate and provide review measures for the agreed plan.



Learners may use their own employment context, or that of another organisation with which they are very familiar, to base their assignment. However, in the case that they are not able to do so, please use the below scenario:

You are a senior manager, leading the marketing department of an organisation. Your team is responsible for identifying and delivering a marketing plan that supports organisational objectives.

Task 1 - 500 words
: Critically evaluate a range of marketing tools, techniques and principles' can be deployed to support general organisational strategy, exploration of marketing orientation will be of value here. Summative explore how these techniques impact on marketing planning.

Organisational are increasing deploying marketing concepts in many functional areas, in a seamless fashion, to the benefit of the organisation.
: Determine how key marketing methodologies and approaches contribute towards marketing planning within diverse organisations. This task would blend well with 1.1.

: Detail the component part of the plan, considering your organisational context is complex; ensure that these component parts have sufficiency, to address complexity. Perform a risk assessment, or other methodology of your choice. Put in place a contingency plan to address identified risk, include within this an action statement. A project approach may be considered as a means of implementation of your identified actions and contingencies.

Task 2 - 500 words
: Review your work and research in 1.3, further critically analysing the sectional component parts of the marketing plan, evaluate the critical sections of the plan, those that may make the greater contributions to the whole, towards meeting the established strategic marketing objectives.

: Review the high-risk sections of the marketing plan and evolve and justify appropriate strategies and tactics to reduce, keep in check or design out altogether, as appropriate to your scenario. Quantitative risk assessment techniques, that can be justified and interrogated is strongly advised here.

: Develop a marketing plan. Review your assignment research and output thus far, for areas of the marketing plan that have already been covered, avoiding duplication, and supporting a reduction in the burden of assessment.

Task 3 - 500 words
: You are asked to construct a marketing plan for a specific area within your responsibility. Identify measures for evaluating the success of the plan. Explain the process that is required in order to secure approval within your organisation.

: Develop an approach or approaches to gain commitment and buy in into your plan. It is likely that you will have many factors effecting engagement, loyalty; the social ethics of your plan would also be valid here. It should be remembered that it is very important to retain commitments for the duration of the plan, further, that stakeholders' positions are likely to shift during the duration of the planned life. Future learning from your plan is also a valid aspect of inclusion into your planning reviews.

: Marketing planning has essentially built in plan monitoring and controls, conduct research into the concepts of monitoring and control, within a marketing context. Select and apply such techniques that fit your organisational culture, size and scope of the planned activities and level of operation.

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