Literature (summary of articles on the same topic - choose


- Introduction (one page summary about the topic and the company)
- literature (summary of articles on the same topic - choose at least 10 articles published after 2015)
- Theoretical Background (description of one more theories that link the factors in your framework/model)
- Model Development (a description of the factors, their relationship along with their questions)
- Methodology (a pathway of how you collected and analyzed the information)
- Data Analysis (an analysis of your data with SPSS)
- Discussion (a detailed analysis of your research)
- Future Research (possible directions for further exploration)
- References (APA Style)

- Your report should be about 4500 words (exc)uding references).
- Use a 12 size Times New Roman font and a single space for your text
- Align your text with one inch margin on four sides.

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