ITDB4102 - Oracle Fundamentals - documented paper of


You are required to write a simple term paper based on the topics covered from the course ITDB4102 Oracle Fundamentals, it will be submitted using the turnitin activity from your E- learning portal and a hard copy of your assignment for verification purposes.

What is a term paper?

is a concisely written, documented paper of reasonable length in which a student identifies, analyzes, interprets, and draws conclusions from the facts and opinions of other people.

The term Paper Process:

1. Select your topic
2. Research your topic thoroughly
3. Prepare your term paper
4. Write your paper

Term Paper Format

• Title Page - it includes the title of the paper, your name, the course name, the name of the instructor and the date.

Title: Oracle Data Migration an Interface with the PL/SQL a comparative study

• Abstract - a brief overview of the paper itself.

• Literature Review - explain your methodologies and any procedures that were used.

• Results - Make your conclusion or closing statements.

• Recommendations - Offer your views and suggestions for future research.

• References - All text citations must have a corresponding entry on the reference list. It is formatted with a hanging indent and double-spacing.

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