International Business Management Assignment - comparative

International Business Management Assignment

Students (in groups of 4 to 5) are required to"Selecta global industry, and for the chosen industry, choosean emerging economy, and conduct a comparative investigation of the major entry modes foreign firms used in the past decade. Clearlyevaluate(with examples) the key motivations behind the market entry modes' choice(s)".

- You are expected to apply relevant definitions, concepts and theories (delivered in the module, and from the existing literature) andcollect relevant real-world data for the assignment.

- Following APA referencing style is mandatory for this assignment.

- Any global industry can be chosen. You DO NOT need to justify your choice.

- The duration of each presentation will be 20-25 minutes, followed by Q&A.

- You should be able answer the questions about your presentation, at the end of your timeslot.

- PowerPoint Slides must be provided for the presentation, with appropriate format (e.g. slides should be visible/audible clearly).

- Using artificial intelligence (AI) equals to cheating. You must write the assignment without using AI.
- Assignment's weight: 50% of the total mark (another 50% is allocated to the final exam).
- Groups'detailsshould be emailed to the module leader by 13/06/23 (by the students' representative), otherwise, the module leader will choose the groups.
- If there is any question about the above-mentioned points, please share it during the lectures/seminars, therefore all students can benefit from the answer/clarification.

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