Identity features for Camelicious and Camellos from Cafe2Go

Develop an essay report covering the following points:


Branding in the dairy product is a challenge, briefly summarize the competitiveness in the Camel dairy industry in UAEmentioning the different brand options available in the local market.

- Referring to products and compare the elements of the brands: brand identity features for Camelicious and Camellos from Cafe2Go.

- How can Cafe2Go, enhance its brand identity, using the emotional appeal (refer to the hierarchy of brand associations in your textbook.

- Which of the 5 famous brand personality apply to the Camel dairy product lines? explain

- Using the (Affective, intellectual, and Behavioral) types of brand experience how can Camel brands employee these experiences to win the heart, mind, and action of their customers?

Attachment:- essay report.rar

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