HRM09403 Organisational Change Management - A critical

Case Study: Le Chic Restaurant

Coursework Assignment

You are required to step into the shoes of the consultant hired by Le Chic. Your task is to write a report addressing the key change issues that can have a significant impact on the implementation of its new business strategy. While practically oriented, your report should draw on appropriate change theories and models to include the following:

1. An analysis of the change context taking into account both the internal and external drivers for change. This should include both a PEST and SWOT analysis (please note that the word count contained within these tables will not be included in the overall word count, so please be as detailed as necessary). (500)

2. An analysis of the nature of change facing Le Chic using key theory (500).

3. A critical examination of the possible types of employee reactions to the proposed change, again using the key theory to underpin the discussion and giving consideration to the different types of employees employed by Le Chic (800 words).

4. Recommendations as to how management should plan and execute the proposed change so as to ensure its successful implementation using a one of the change models covered in the lectures. Please also note that this section using the theory should be context specific (700 words).

Attachment:- case.rar

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