How does a CDP differ from CRM, DW and Data Lakes - How

Data Management for Analytics

Question 1. What are Customer Data Platforms, and what types of CDPs are there?

Question 2. How is data collected and standardized in a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

Question 3. How are customer profiles built in a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

Question 4. How does a CDP differ from CRM, DW and Data Lakes?

Question 5. How does CDP feed into my marketing automation tools?

Case Study - Retail Compliance Campaign Investment Optimization

- Multiple factors play part in growth (in volumes/values) for the company
- Across initiatives, it becomes difficult to understand which investments are still paying off to the brand growth
- Rapidly changing external environment and economic conditions make the prediction difficult and understanding the diminishing impact is unknown

Case Study - Credit Card Default Prediction

The goal is to predict the probability of credit default based on credit card owner's characteristics and payment history. To predict whether the customer will default on their credit card payment next month.

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