How did the Bissell Brothers create a job out of their


Watch the case study video below and complete all case questions (1-5), supporting your claims with at least one external source (which could be the textbook). Prepare answers in a Word document (.doc or .docx) and submit a single file to the dropbox. Be sure to check spelling and grammar and ensure you answer all questions. Each question response should be a minimum of 100 words. Be sure to include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference list (APA format). You can find a "case study template" to use under COURSE HOME.

Case Questions:

1. How did the Bissell Brothers create a job out of their experiences and determine duties and responsibilities?

2. How did Seth, the general manager, decide to hire the Bissell Brothers?

3. In what way was Seth able to help the budding brewers?

4. How did the Bissell Brothers try to make their business successful?

5. What are the challenges they face?

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