How are they implementing their Strategy? Discuss specifics

Read this article "Shein's Rise Was Nearly Overnight. The Backlash Came Just as Fast " (in Supplemental Reading Folder), do additional research and respond to these questions:

Question 1: What is Shein's Business Strategy? Who are their customers? What is their Value Proposition?

Question 2: How are they implementing their Strategy? Discuss specifics of their implementation in production, sourcing, marketing, sales and distribution.

Question 3: The article mentions a backlash against Shein. How serious is this problem? Is this just a hiccup? Is it a turning point? Either way, if you were a top manager at Shein, how would you try to deal with the backlash? Can you afford to ignore it?

Question 4: Is their strategy sustainable? (Use Chapter 4 discussion to address this) Why? Why Not? You must argue both sides.

For "Use Chapter 4 discussion to address this," see the attached Class Notes, beginning at "Class Notes begin" and continuing below. The SWOT analysis, Value Chain, Business Model and Resource/Activities, Sustainability Issue, etc., are included in the class notes and class slide (PPT), so please use them.

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