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GSP4064 Introduction to Marketing Assignment - Gulf College, Oman

In addition, the assessment will test the following learning outcomes:

Demonstrate understanding of the influence of the organisation's aims, strategy, culture and resources and the broader business environments.

Utilise a range of tools and techniques to analyse and evaluate markets, market opportunities and market segments.

Demonstrate understanding of the principles of supply and demand and their influence on the marketplace.

Demonstrate understanding of the principles of supply and demand and their influence on the marketplace.

Develop tactical level marketing plans which define marketing mixes appropriate to the marketplace, target group and market conditions.

Demonstrate understanding of the need for maintaining quality and customer focus and for innovation in order to build and maintain competitive advantage.

Assessment Details - It will develop the following skills:

Analytical skill - The student will improve their ability to visualize, articulate, conceptualize or solve both complex and uncomplicated problems by making decisions that are sensible given the available information in developing their own company information.

Leadership skills - This activity will develop the leadership skills by organizing the group to reach some shared ideas in their business structure, motivate each member and improve their decision making with-in the working group. Dividing the task with specific schedule and activities.

ASSESSMENT TASK - You are required to write an Individual Report of 3000 words on the case below:

Being a Marketing Executive of a company engaged in the sale of products. The top management desires to improve the performance and profitability of the company. You are directed to transform this vision of the top management. You perceived that this vision can be attained through possible growth opportunities with application of Ansoff's Matrix.

To prepare a report, consider the points below that are relevant in your report.

1. Describe the nature of the operation and product portfolio of the chosen company.

2. Evaluate the internal and the external environment of the company using PESTEL and SWOT Analysis.

3. Describe the market situation, market segment, and market share of the company in the industry.

4. Using the Ansoff's Matrix, determine which growth opportunities are most viable and appropriate for the company.

5. Conduct segmentation and identify the target market for effective positioning of the products based on the growth opportunities previously selected.

6. Develop an appropriate marketing mix for the proper positioning of the company to its prospective customers and market niche.

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