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Personal Development Planning

Learning outcome 1: Identify their own learning styles and preferences and apply self-management and independent learning strategies to support their study at HE level 4; they must also take ownership of their work through responsible maintenance of individual e-portfolios of uploaded work, reflective logs and employability logs.

Learning outcome 2: Devise and monitor an action plan for their personal development based on their awareness of the key aspects of employability, also developing appropriate and accurate evidence to support their progress.

Learning outcome 3: Undertake appropriate research tasks and develop an appropriate academic writing style.

Task: You must write a reflection of your personal development plan upon learning PDP module, the skills you developed or will further develop, and the impact of these on your future and career goals.

You must read these instructions carefully before attempting this assignment. All of the instructions below are reflected in the marking criteria. Your assignment should contain SIX parts:

o Introduction (80-100 words)
1- Define the term ‘Transferable skills', and discuss the importance/significance of transferable skills in general. (Provide appropriate citations to support your discussion).

o Personal Analysis (400-450 words)

Conduct a deep analysis of your transferable skills. Clearly describe the current state of your transferable skills Your discussion should focus on the following important points:
3- Identify three (3) transferable skills you consider as your strength or that you are good at this point.
Provide evidence to prove these.
4- Reflect and elaborate your experience in college in improving your transferable skills

o Development Plan (200-250 words)

This part should include a plan about improving your Transferable skills. It should include a course of action and a timeline. Focus on the following point:

5- Identify three transferable skills that you need to develop for the future. Produce a plan for the soft skills which need to be developed further. Your plan should include a timeline and how you will address these development needs.
o Discussion: (80-100 words
In this section, discuss the role of transferable skills in career success. The following point should be part of your discussion:
6- Discuss the relevance of developing the transferable skills in your personal development and in your successful career (provide evidence of research/citation).

o Conclusion (80-100 words)
7- Summarise the above discussion and provide a conclusion.

o References

Attachment:- Personal Development Planning.rar

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