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Learning Outcome 1: Evidence their skills and knowledge of the English Language to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference
Learning Outcome 2: Use vocabulary and grammatical constructions which are reflected at level B2 of the Common European Framework.
Learning Outcome 3: Identify and organise information that they have received aurally in a variety of contexts including discussions, interviews, podcasts and lectures;
Learning Outcome 4: Use written English to produce essays, describe trends, evaluate information and summarise whilst avoiding plagiarism;
Learning Outcome 5: Actively and meaningfully take part in debates, discussions and conversations
Learning Outcome 6: Orally present information;
Learning Outcome 7: Apply the above skills to real life situations through case studies and role-plays etc.

Indicative Content

1. Speaking: Understanding, ordering and presenting of facts, ideas and opinions through spoken language. Recognition of the differences between speech and oration.
2. Listening: Annotation of salient parts of aural presentations, listening for gist, listening for detail at an intermediate level.
3. Reading: Reading skills: skimming and scanning for information, location of opinions and or facts, analysis of bias in simple and some more complex texts.
4. Writing: Analysis and practice of a range of written text types, including instructive, persuasive,
descriptive and informative texts, together with a study of English grammar, syntax and spelling complex vocabulary.

Assessment Task
The debate presentation will be individual. Each student should select a topic where he/she is on agree or disagree side. The debate will last for at least 5 minutes where each student is given the chance to orally present his/her views, discuss his/her opinions, and convince the audience about his arguments on the specific topic.

Guidelines for students:

Each team will do the following:

a. Choose a topic from the listed topics or propose a topic duly approved by their module tutor;
b. Research on the assigned topic through online, articles, newspapers and books prior to the debate;
c. Show evidence of their research by citing on-line references, authors or articles about the topic during the discussions in the class;
d. Express in acceptable grammatical construction through oral speech their individual ideas per team;
e. Record all the proceedings of the debate for marking purposes.

Suggested topics:

1. Should newly wed couple stay in their parents' house or stay in a separate house? What do you think about this statement?
2. Which do you prefer: On-line education or face to face classroom education? Why?
3. Is the use of credit card an advantage or a disadvantage? What is your opinion on this?
4. To what extent do you agree or disagree that a college degree is important for getting a job?
5. Which is more important: a family or a friend? What is your opinion about this statement?

Specific Instructions for students on the Debate presentation:

1. Present your views and opinions on the chosen topic whether you agree or disagree;
2. Discuss and explain the facts about your argument on the chosen topic with citation;
3. Present evidences on the points of your arguments to prove your side;
4. Summarise the standpoint of your arguments and come up with a conclusion;
5. Video record all the proceedings of your argument or an option to present via MS Teams live for at least five (5) minutes.
6. Save your video recorded presentation with your name and ID number;
7. Email to your tutor and or upload in the link which will be provided to you on or before the due date;
8. Send your debate outline to your tutor containing your views and opinions;
9. Follow the outline on how to write your arguments given to you by your module tutor.

Attachment:- English Language Proficiency.rar

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