Give the details of the industry and the process chosen for

Aim -

The aim of the module is to make student understand the different types of control loops, and to gain knowledge on measurement sensors. It also aims at making the students gain knowledge about the various techniques of communicating the measured results throughout a process plant.

Learning Outcomes To enable the student to understand Process control principles, block diagram presentation, piping and instrumentation diagram, analog and digital processing, transducer specifications and sensor time response.

To make students gain knowledge in the Process characteristics, control parameters, two position control mode, and multiposition mode, floating control mode, continuous controller modes, PI, PD and PID controller modes.

To understand the various Control system configurations, analog control, supervisory and digital control, loop disturbance, stability criterion and process loop tuning.

To possess knowledge on the Types of pressure measurement, dynamic pressure systems, manometers, mechanical pressure measurements, electrical pressure sensors.

To revise the flow terms and concepts, to understand working principle of orifice plate and venturi meter, vortex shedding, Coriolis, electromagnetic, ultrasonic and laser sensors

To gain knowledge of different mechanical switches, vibration damping, rotating paddles, proximity sensors, radiation absorption methods.

To understand temperature measurement methods including Thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermistors, radioactive techniques and Basic concepts, optical, infra-red pyrometers.


Assignment report based on visit to industry

Large number of process industries are located in and around Oman. The CW focusses on a study based on a visit to any one of such process industries. A study on the process control principles and instrumentation methods followed by the industry should be carried out by the student. A report in the following structure should be submitted with the given specifications.

Structure of Report:

a) Give the details of the industry and the process chosen for study.

b) Develop a simple Process & Instrumentation Diagram of any one process from the industry

c) Explain in detail the Feed and the Product streams

d) Identify and explain the types of pumps, valves, equipments and signals in the Process & Instrumentation diagram drawn.

e) Discuss about the manipulated and controlled variable of the process loop from the Process and Instrumentation diagram drawn.

f) Detail the system configuration with suitable justification

g) Explain the working principle of any one type of sensor (pressure/level/flow/temperature) used in the process.

h) Conclusion

i) References (Harvard referencing CCE style)

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