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GIS5009 Multimedia and Interaction Assignment - Gulf College

Aim(s) - This module aims to give students a comprehensive set of theoretical and practical skills required to produce small scale interactive multimedia products to a professional standard.

Learning Outcomes - On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

Identify and apply appropriate design and interaction methods.

Develop multimedia prototypes using appropriate software, tools and methodologies.

Demonstrate awareness of production standards and test for compliance with industry standards.

1. Aim - To produce a multimedia product of professional quality for a Business Client. In the process you will:

a. Researching and implementing the multimedia production cycle.

b. Interview the client(s), analyse their requirements, and write a specification of selected products.

c. Research and explain similar products in terms of advantages and disadvanatges concerning your product.

d. Mention the audience of your product.

e. Capture/digitize and edit the different media to a professional standard and assemble the media into multimedia products using multimedia software.

f. Test your product.

g. Write a reflective report which incorporates the above steps.

2. Coursework Description - You are expected to develop:

A website with four web pages (Home page, About Us, Products, Contact Us), which includes the following required graphic designs in each page.

Still graphics for Home page: Three different horizontal posters (such as festival poster design of the company, etc.) to be represented as slides in a slider.

Still graphic for About us page: A banner to be used at the top of about us web page. This page should contain information about you and your company.

Still graphic and video for Product page: minimum of four edited product's picture align with product description , and a one minute length video to advertise the company by its products in this page.

Still graphic for Contact us page: a footer design to be shown in down part of this page.

The rest design of the webpages will be decided by you.

You need to submit: 2 files per Image (Full Photoshop version with layers of the designed posters, banner, and product images, Full JPG image of the posters, banner, and product images), Full HD (1920x1080), or HD ready (1280x720) or 4K resolution of the video,and a backup of the website.

Some points about Graphics Implementation -

You should collect the images/videos/logos of company to support the building of your product and then to combine all those graphics and other interactive screens to produce a meaningful required final product. The details are provided below

1. Collection of still images /videos /interactive product material

Use of your own taken images gets more marks

Create some composite images (collages or other) that make use of layers in Photoshop

Imaginative use of filters, feather selections, and other Photoshop edits

2. Combining images /videos /interactive screen to produce the final product.

Animation of text and/or objects (movement: sizing, visual effects such as fades-blurs, etc.), in interactive or video or banner products.

Designing the web pages are important

Appropriate use of Screen fonts are one of the points that must b considered in designing multimedia products, and aso margins, font animations and readability of texts.

Report Structure - Your report lay-out must be as follows:

I. Introduction

- write a simple description about the project

II. Data Collection

- Interview and/or questionnaire

III. Review of Similar Project

- Identify at least two (2) similar projects and do a comparative study of these two products and mention the pros and cons in terms of your customer's interest.

IV. Audience of project

- Indicate the target audience of your product in terms of gender, age group, etc.

V. Multimedia product(s)

- A proper report of the designed multimedia products(posters, banners, footer, and video)align with the design of web pages.

VI. Testing

- Once your product is final, show it to your customer and get the feedback about your product and note down all this feedback in your report and improve your product based on the feedback given by the customer.

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