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Aim: The aim of this module is to provide students with a practical academic and professional knowledge of the relationship between current legal regulations applicable to computing, technology and digital security. In doing so it will reflect upon the storage, management and encryption of data, aspects of forensic evidence gathered under a legal context and consider some of the contemporary sources of digital security within biometric access control and its impact upon developing methods of collecting and storing data.

Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate understanding of the management of data from a legal and ethical context.
Learning Outcome 2: Evaluate aspects of security and the forensic analysis of data.
Learning Outcome 3: Synthesise the wider application of cloud computing and big data analysis.

Research Paper: ‘Big Data and Privacy Risks'.

Part A:

Critical review on the Big Data
This should include:
Identify Big Data.
Dimensions of Big Data.
Big Data Structures.

Part B:
Select One application or system depending on the Big Data Analytics and analysis of the operation mechanism. Discuss the possibility of a privacy breach?

Please justify your answer with reference to examples.

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