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GHL6006 Business Structure and Regulations Assignment - Gulf College, Oman

Assessment Brief - You are required to write an assignment of 3000 words. There are two assignment tasks which are as follows:

TASK 1 - 900 words

Critically analyse the process of converting a partnership into a limited liability company. You have to identify all the processes and usual time those processes take. Also, identify the documents required for each process.

TASK 2 - 2,100 words

The following types of firms in Oman can be established under Oman Commercial Companies Law (OCCL):

Sole Proprietorship;

Partnership (general and limited);

Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.);

Joint Stock Companies (general - S.A.O.G. and closed - S.A.O.C.);

Joint Venture; and

Holding Company.

Critically compare the business organisational structures listed above in terms of legal personality, formation, and administrative requirements.

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