GHL3000 Management in Contemporary Organisation Assignment

GHL3000 Management in Contemporary Organisation Assignment - Gulf College, Oman

Assessment Details - It contains two components presentation and reflection report. These will develop the following skills:

Communication skills. Through the presentation component, students will be able to practice interpersonal communication skill which is needed in the workplace.

Analytical skills. The reflection report enables the students to analyse and evaluate the benefits of the different activities done in the class. This skill will eventually help them evaluate options necessary to make decisions in the workplace.

In addition, the assessment will test the following learning outcomes:

Demonstrate an understanding and ability to apply management tools that analyse the internal and external environment.

Demonstrate use and understanding of the soft skills required by managers.

Develop an appreciation of reflective practice and its role in shaping management thinking.

Assessment Brief - This assessment consists of two tasks: a individual presentation and an individual reflective report.

Task 1: Individual Presentation

Students are expected to demonstrate critical thinking and verbal skills. The individual presentation requires 5 to 7 minutes and each student should prepare 5-7 slides.

In your presentation, you have to choose one of the following classical management theories that you feel it is more applicable in the organization:

a. Administrative management Theory.

b. Scientific management theory.

c. Bureaucratic theory.

And prepare a MS PowerPoint to explain the chosen theory and follow the instructions below:

1. Briefly discuss the meaning of management theories and discuss its related topics.

2. Discuss the chosen classical management theory.

3. Explain how managers can apply the chosen theory.

4. Discuss the contribution of the chosen theory.

5. References (from 5-10)

Task 2: Individual Reflective Report

For this assessment task, you must Write 2000 words (+/- 10%) reflective report related to your topic in the presentation.

Your report should consist of following:

1. Introduction

a. Summarise what you have learned from your presentation. (150 words)

b. The objectives of the report. (50 words)

2. Content and Analysis

Assume yourself as a top manager of a small business, reflect on the following:

a. Explain why it is essential for managers to be aware of the various theories of management? (350 words).

b. Discuss the strength and weaknesses of the chosen theory. (400 Words)

c. Discuss two traits that can make you an effective leader. (400 Words).

d. Explain how you can use the above chosen Leaders' traits to apply the chosen classical management theory. (500 Words).

e. Conclusion (150 words)

f. References (3-5)

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