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GCO4008 Introduction to Information Systems Assignment - Gulf College, Oman

ASSESSMENT TASK - Barrack Consulting has employed you as an Information Systems Consultant to design an information system for the ride share company Uber.

Uber, the ride share company, operates in many cities across the world and has over 2 million drivers. The company is expanding rapidly and employing new staff as it grows. Barrack consulting has been hired by Uber (Brisbane headquarters) to improve efficiency across the organisation. Your task is to design and model an information system to meet the company's requirements including the three (3) tasks outlined below and present the information in a report. Use references to support your discussion.

ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVES - Your 3000-word report will demonstrate that you have:

shown competence in finding, reading, analysing and synthesising materials from the course readings and applied this material in the writing of your report.

made use of the concepts, theories, models and ideas introduced in the course to understand and analyse the requirements to make well-founded recommendations.

researched and understood the purpose and operational context of the customer experience at the organisation in terms of the identified information system.

shown creativity and initiative in understanding and capturing the organisation customer experience.

identified, based on the afore-mentioned research, a new information system that you will recommend to the organisation together with a brief discussion of its implications for the business of the organisation.

described the expected impact of the new information system on the organisation's performance and various stakeholders; and

used analogies, where information was not available, to make logical and relevant assumptions.


1.1 Provide information about the company, including its strategy, how it competes in the marketplace, and its operations.

1.2 Describe the organisational form of the company using Mintzberg's classification.

1.3 Present the value chain of the company using Porter's Value Chain Model (Appendix 3). List and describe the primary and support activities.

1.4 Analyse the competitive strategy of the company using Porter's competitive forces model. (Appendix 6) For each of the five forces, explain if that force is low, medium, or high, and explain why?


2.1 Identify a new information system which can clearly add value to the business of Uber (is it a primary or secondary activity according to Porter's value model) and meets their specified requirements. Also, list the likely stakeholders of this new information system and define their roles.

2.2 Draw a rich picture (Appendix 1 and 5) showing ALL the issues and the concerns of the stakeholders you have identified.

2.3 Draw a process model (Appendix 2) using the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) for the process of the new information system you have identified.

2.4 Use the DeLone-McLean Model (Appendix 4) of Information System Success to describe the areas in which the existing information system has not been successful.

2.5 Describe the dimensions of impact of your new information system; identify intended effects (and negative effects) and describe the impact of the new system on the organisation, groups, and individuals.

2.6 Describe the measures of success (efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness) for the proposed new information system.

2.7 Classify the new information system within the company as either: front-end, back-end, customer-facing, or supplier-facing.


Provide a summary of the main findings of the report.


Devise recommendations as to how Uber can make use of a new Information System in order to provide better service to customers; and to ensure success of the system.


A list of references as per Harvard Referencing style with proper intext citation.


Attach the appendices at the end of assignment.

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