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Typically, the court will appoint one fire investigator as an expert witness to investigate an incident and provide a report, as opposed to one fire investigator for each party (claimant and defendant).

Discuss, with evidence and examples, the positive and negative aspects of this method.

This excludes footnotes but includesquotations. The word count must be printed on the top right-hand corner of your work.

Learning outcome 1: Demonstrate the investigation methods for determining causes of fire and fire dynamics and the ability to apply these methods
Learning outcome 2: Identify and interpret char and burn patterns recognising the physical characteristics of arson fires and critically assess the evidence recovered and wanted by different agencies

Learning outcome 3: Demonstrate fire investigation processes including the important roles and evidence associated with different fire safety agencies and personnel participating in fire investigation

Learning outcome 4: Structure and present a valid scientific fact based fire investigation and critique a range of fire investigation reports from minor to major incidents.

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