FV2004 Fire Safety Management and Legislation Assignment

FV2004 Fire Safety Management and Legislation - University of Central Lancashire

Learning outcome 1: Evaluate the adequacy of means of escape from design, legislative requirements and the implementation of fire safety management systems
Learning outcome 2: Explain and use concepts relating to thequantitative analysis of risk assessment in application to fire situations
Learning outcome 3: Discuss the principles of the law relating to fire safety and compliance with fire safety regulation

Fire Safety Management Plan

In November 2013, Qatar Petroleum and the Ministry of Interior inaugurated the Ras Laffan Emergency and Safety College. This world class international institution, which has been built over 1,000,000m2 at a total cost of QR1.7bn, is equipped with modern classrooms, simulators and indoor and outdoor facilities, and provides emergency and safety training to the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry as well as to civil defence, aviation and the military in Qatar and the region.The college has 30 training models for a variety of fire types, featuring sophisticated simulators, and a dedicated training field for drivers of fire trucks and emergency vehicles. The college will work towards advancing the capabilities of civil defence personnel, whether locally, regionally or internationally, offering unique educational opportunities for civil protection, fire-fighting, search-and-rescue efforts, industrial and aviation fires and incidents and disaster management, among other related fields.

The Emiri Decree Law No. (25) For the Year 2015 Regarding Civil Defense applies to all premises and is aimed at providing and maintaining suitable fire precautions to protect persons in the building or premises. An appropriate method of demonstrating and ensuring this is to develop, implement and maintain Fire Safety Management Plan. The Ras Laffan Emergency and Safety College has engaged you as a consultant to develop a Fire Safety Management Plan which will assist them to comply with the requirements of Emiri Decree Law No. (25) For the Year 2015.Thereport must be 1500 words.

Students are encouraged to use the appropriate Qatar Civil Defence Department Fire Safety Guidelines and other relevant sources of information.This assignment is set for the purposes of summative assessment. It is the culmination of the module; students are expected to be able to tackle it with the minimum of lecturer assistance. However, students should make sure that they understand the task and so the lecturer may be approached to clarify aspects of the assignment.

Example structure of Fire Safety Management Plan

The following is an example of a typical Fire Safety Management Plan layout:
• Introduction
• Fire safety policy statement
• Fire safety management structure
• Evacuation strategies
• Emergency response
• Fire alarm and detection
• Sprinkler system (if any)
• Fire prevention and arson awareness
• Routine procedures for staff
• Selection and control of materials
• Maintenance and testing of fire safety systems
• Decoration, alterations and extensions
• Staff training and fire drills
• Fire risk assessments
• Record keeping
• Audit and updating of this manual
• References and bibliography

Attachment:- Fire Safety Management and Legislation.rar

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