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FV 3103 Hazard & Risk Management - International College of Engineering and Management

Task 1

Presentation on Fire Risk Assessment Methods

As part of this assignment, you are required to Select and present one of the following methods used for Fire Risk Assessment:

Semi-Quantitative Methods:
•Cost-Benefit Analysis
•Event Tree Analysis
•Fault Tree Analysis
•Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
•Preliminary Hazard Analysis

Small Project Risk Methods:
•Checklists, Ranking
•FN/PH diagrams
•permit to work

Qualitative Methods of Risk Analysis:
•Time-independent Reliability
•Markov chains

The Presentation shall be around 20 minutes in front of an audience consisting of tutors and classmates, followed by questions and answers from assessors and students.

•This is an individual assignment
•Words count 1000 (+/- 10%) words.
•It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is neatly and accurately presented.
•The Presentation shall be in PowerPoint or any other digital presentation formats.
•The report must be submitted via UCLan Blackboard Turnitin.


All academic writing must be referenced, and if you use other people's ideas without referencing them, you are plagiarizing their work. Follow the Harvard system of referencing within your text.

Attachment:- Risk Management.rar

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