Fundamentals of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and

Fundamentals of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability


Topic: Manufacturing Tableware from Palm Leaves

Manufacturing single-use plastic materials such as biodegradable forks, spoons and knives from palm tree fronds. The aim is sustainability and environmental protection, as these materials are mixed together to form a new environmentally friendly material.

This is an individual final Project Presentation for which you need to draft a report of minimum 1500 words (each point and sub-point should be clearly separated), by answering the following:

Identify the career field that you are planning to pursue, in relation to the current field of study at Liwa College. [Minimum 20 words] (my career field: community media/ my current study is: Media)

Explain five most important criteria for choosing a business to start. [Minimum 300 words]

According to the above criteria and your field of study, [Minimum 80 words]

which business could you possibly think of starting? Explain briefly.
why? Explain briefly.

Create a business plan to start that business in UAE.

Your business plan will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Quality: Your business plan should exhibit a high level of quality and depth. It should reflect a clear understanding of the business concept and industry. Use precise and effective language to communicate your ideas. [Minimum 270 words]

Relevance to Business: Make sure that your business plan directly pertains to the business context presented in question 3. It should address the specific elements and requirements of the business plan. [Minimum 270 words]

Logical Reasoning: Present your business plan in a logical and organized manner. Ensure that your ideas flow coherently, and the plan is well-structured.

Your final assessment will be determined by a combination of meeting the word count requirement and the quality, relevance, and logical reasoning of your structured business plan. Craft a concise and well-reasoned business plan that aligns with the given business scenario. ] [Minimum 270 words]

Explain some five ways that you would consider for scaling/growing that business, at a later stage. [Minimum 300 words] as points write the answer 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

List the exact references for the source of information as footnotes

Report structures:

Cover page
Table of contents
Introductions 250 words
Body of project (1500 words exactly answering 5 above questions )
Conclusion 250 words

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