Find the initial data required for registering in the

Research proposal

Assume that you are a head of research and development noon website is an ecommerce platform. (Similar to Amazon, eBay, etc.)

Find more about the company and how business is processed through the website

The purpose of this research proposal is to target the individual & corporate customers (seller, buyers)

By gathering data from the noon website and then after data analysis provide the targeted customers and them financial / banking facilities which lead to Increase in company profit.

You can name the research based on your objectives (example, Noon finance, Noon bank, noon financial services, etc.)

You can find the initial data required for registering in the website for individual and corporate customers.

Think of other attributes needed (individual, corporate) for your research proposal

For example, customer name, account type (individual or corporate). contact no, email, location, City, product category, business type, sold products, customer rating from buyers, trade license no, trade license issued authority, bought products, purchase date, purchase amount, purchased category, sold amount, paid by (cash or credit card) , bank account ,bank name , IBAN number

You can add more attributes required if you think it's usable for this research proposal

Previous student research proposal is attached for your help(you can add and make better)
• Proposal template attached
• Using diagram will make your proposal attractive.
• Mention what tools and application you will use (SQL,spreadsheet,R, Tableau,ect)

Attachment:- Research proposal.rar

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