Find each of the vectors - write down two relations

Question 1. u = -7a + 2b and v = (-2t - 3)a -(3t +8)b and u//v, find t.

Question 2. A and B have position vector(2) and (6) respectively. If M is a point on AB

                                                        (5)       (13)

AM: MB = 3:1 find the position vector of point M

Question 3.


Given: ABCD is a parallelogram. BC‾ =u and DC‾ = v.S is a point on AD‾ such that AS:SD= 1:3 and R is a point on AB‾ such that AR:RB = 1:3. Find each of the following vectors:
a. DR‾
b. SR‾
c. AC‾
d. BD‾
e. SC‾
f. write down two relations between SR‾ and DB‾

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