Experiment with multiple theories and functional

IT 6210 Global Connections Through Technology - Abu Dhabi School of Management

Organization chosen: Ministry of Interior- Abu Dhabi

Learning Outcome 1: Critically appraise a detailed body of knowledge of recent developments in technology in modern business organizations.

Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate the ability to make decisions based on ethical values and social awareness

Learning Outcome 3: Experiment with multiple theories and functional perspectives for the interpretation of comprehensive challenges to the business environment

Learning Outcome 4: Select appropriate research instruments to address domestic factors and drivers in the global context

There are five technology trends that are likely to transform businesses in the next 2 years, with insights around strategy, risk, and finance implications that can empower technology leaders, business leaders, and board members, the trends are listed as:

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.
2. The Internet of Things (IoT).
3. Blockchains and distributed ledgers.
4. Cloud and edge computing.
5. Digital twins.

Assessment Requirement:
Choose an organization, could be the organization that you are currently working for, or previously worked in, and critically analyses a suitable IT trends (from listed above) within the proposed organization to develop the following:

a) Choose the relevant trends and technologies and explain how the chosen trend(s) is going to enhance the specific services/products within the proposed organisation.

b) Determine problems/issues and proposed solution in relevance to the applying the chosen technology trends.

c) Evaluate the impact of the performance of the organization based on the implementation of the chosen technology

Attachment:- Global Connections Through Technology.rar

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