Examine macroeconomics factors impact on the Qatari public

Master of Science in Finance - The Macroeconomics

Factors Impact on Liquidity Risk: The Qatari Banking System Word Count 15,000 and 2500 other not in word count. I need all files from excel, eviews, any and all related files. Topic is the Macroeconomics Factors Impact on Liquidity Risk. The Qatari Banking System. Sections.

1- Abstract (200-300 words not part of 15,000 words),

2- Glossary for unfamiliar shorts. 3-Main body (part of 15,000) 3.a introduction, 3.b. Literature review (4000-5000 words) 3.c Methodology.

3.d. Results/ Analysis (4000-5000 words) 3.e. Recommendations/Conclusions. Grading and rubric is attached. APA reference style. The dissertation should have tables, charts, appendix, etc. The study would on studying the Qatari Banking System both Commerical and Islamic Banks. The study should have a correct information and details. All information should be from a reputable sources. Banks name should not be mentioned on the dissertation anywhere even in the appendix and should be referred to Islabmic A, or Commerical A, Islamic B, or Commerical B. Banks Sample are Commerical Banks are "1- QNB - QNBK; 2- Commerical Bank - CBQK; 3- Doha Bank - DHBK; 4- Ahli Bank - ABQK" and Islamic Banks are "1- QIB - QIBK; 2- QIIK; 3- Masraf Al Rayan - MARK; 4- Lesha (First)

To examine macroeconomics factors impact on the Qatari public banking system under Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking.

The Hypothesis is based on Article "" H0: None of the Macroeconomics selected factors affect banks liquidity.

H1: At least one of the Macroeconomics selected factors affect banks liquidity. Project overview To study the macroeconomics factors effects on bank liquidity under Islamic and Commercial banking. Macroeconomics factors such as non-performing loan rate, interest rate, GDP, and unemployment rate are important factors for the economy and its effect on bank's liquidity to support people and business would suggest same effects to lend and grow the economy.

It is important due to the little study have been conducted on Qatar banking system and that importance extend to the country during and after World Cup. Time from 2019 to 2022 financial reports.

The study is based on "Madhi, Doris. "The macroeconomic factors impact on liquidity risk: The Albanian banking system case." (2021)." Minimum number of references should be 50 sources. the report would be check and cross check with actual data from the companies reports and sources. Writer needs clarification or data, should contact me to provide any clarification and data as soon as possible. No extra time to complete the report.

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