Examine how external and internal factors can affect HRM

Unit 03 Human Resource Management, Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diplomain Business

Assignment - Human Resource Management in organizations

Learning outcomes 1: Explain the impact of the role of HRM in creating sustainable organizational performance and contributing to business success

Learning outcomes 2: Assess thecontribution of HRM in recruiting and retaining talent and skills to achieve business objectives

Learning outcomes 3: Examine how external and internal factors can affect HRM decision making in relation to organizational development.

Learning outcomes 4: Apply HRM practices in a work-related context for improving sustainable organizational performance.

The Scenario

You have been shortlisted for an HR Assistant Role in a retail organization in the country of your choice, and in this role, you are expected to manage one of their successful brands. You have successfully passed the first round of interviews with the HR Officer, and the firm is keen on forwarding your application to the next stage. During the interview, the HR officer revealed some of the organization's most pressing challenges in human resources. For instance, hiring and retaining talented individuals is an uphill battle for the brand. The labor supply for the retail sales staff locally is tight, and the company needs to explore other recruitment sources. Moreover, last year, the organization lost 35% of its talent to its top competitors. Employee attrition continues to accelerate, and the organization's performance will negatively be affected if this trend remains.

In the company's latest employee survey, one of the problems highlighted by the staff is the manager's insufficient ability to handle employee grievances and disciplinaries. This has caused tremendous dissatisfaction amongst employees, especially at the store level. One of the organization's terminated staff filed a complaint for alleged wrongful termination at the Ministry of Labour, and the case is pending litigation. Another improvement area raised by the employees is the performance management process. Many employees complained about the poor feedback review meeting they experienced with their line managers.

Therefore, as part of the final requirements, you were tasked to prepare an HRM Plan to address the above challenges which must consist of the following:


Explain key focus areas of HRM in their contribution to creating sustainable performance in the chosen retail organization and compare areas of HRM to create sustainable organizational performance that should include a critical discussion exhibiting at least one model (i.e., HR Value Chain) to demonstrate the value of HRM to the business.

Examine the effects of the changing nature of organizations on human resources skills and knowledge, addressing the different components of HRM (Recruitment, Employee Relations, Rewards etc.) and their impact on the business environment.

Review relevant HRM practices in relation to recruitment and retention of employees for the achievement of business objectives. By discussing - how the chosen organization conducts its workforce planning process and recommend appropriate workforce forecasting techniques for the following year. Here it is expected to cover Workforce Planning Process: Strategic Analysis, Supply Analysis, Demand Analysis, Gap Analysis and Solution Implementation and Monitoring Progress. As well as the Techniques/Methods involved in Workforce

Planning: Trend Analysis, Ratio Analysis and Scatter Plotting

Review the recruitment and selection process or approach, as well as describe critically how the organization can retain its workforce to contribute to its success. Within the selection process the means of how one would conduct a job analysis for future roles, backs the same with various Job Description and Specification. Create at least two samples of Job Descriptions and Specification related roles of the chosen organization. Support the same with job Advertisement. Based on the job description and specifications you developed, create a job advertisement by applying the principles discussed in the class.

Based on the review and examination of the chosen organisations HRM practices, you must critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of HRM in relation to creating sustainable organizational performance and achieving business objectives.

Investigate and discuss the internal and external factors (i.e., organizational culture, demographics, legislation), that influences human resource activities in the chosen organization, using examples and state how they contribute to the firm's growth and its organizational performance.

Considering the retail market at large, with valid evidence, evaluate the various key factors that affect and influence HRM decision making to make valid and justified recommendations.

With the prime focus on Sustainability and practical sustainable solutions, apply a human resource performance management system into use based on the chosen organizations context and demonstrate the mechanism that may be put into operation to help the organization improve its sustainable organizational performance.

As well as, determine the strengths and weaknesses of HRM practices in the chosen organization and provide recommendations for improving sustainable organizational performance.

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