Evaluation in the CloudStrat game will be based partially

Sample Game Log

Your evaluation in the CloudStrat game will be based partially on the game log that you submit, so you should spend a reasonable amount of time creating it. The following is a sample game log. Please follow this format for the assignment.


Summarized Strategy:
"While we will continue to invest in our core product and the SRM and CRM modules, we will quickly begin to invest in the SaaS platform. We will not compete on price and instead will invest in product performance. We will invest heavily in the SaaS products' R&D, but only after two years of heavy R&D in the legacy products. We will initially focus our Marcomm investments on the developed regions in the legacy products and will slowly shift to emerging markets in the SaaS products. In this way, we will allow the R&D lag to catch up so that our Marcomm will align with product functionality when available in the market. We will not acquire HumanSoft, preferring to focus on internal development. We will not worry about retained earnings until our market share stabilizes."


1.  Raised R&D investment in core SaaS product to $40M each but left all other decisions alone.

Seemed to have little results on revenues or market share. SaaS market is growing. Competitor is dropping prices.
Fearful about timing of SaaS investment-is the investment premature? Considering more emphasis on legacy products.

2. Same as for Year 1, except lowered R&D spending on SaaS products.

Market share falling in both SaaS and legacy products. Product functionality is higher than competitor, but prices are also greater than competitor.

We have better products now. The time delay associated with technology investment may not line up with our Marcomm spending.
Increasing capacity in our SaaS platform so that we can adjust to increased demand.
Capacity increases have helped with system performance. Our slow move to SaaS in the emerging markets might have hurt our ability to capture market share.

We have had phenomenal success in developed markets, but in emerging markets our share has lagged significantly. Maybe we needed to invest in those markets sooner rather than later.
General Reactions and Learnings:

State here in a paragraph or two your overall reactions and the key learnings generated from the run. Focus on your holistic understanding of the market dynamics and system behavior. Mention how you will apply these learnings from run to run.

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