Evaluate the tools and techniques that need to be applied

COMP 1009 Project Management - Middle East College

Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate the tools and techniques that need to be applied for the effective and successful implementation of an information systems project

Learning Outcome 2: Appraise the changing social and organisational effects, on both individuals and society as a whole, of information systems and technology projects

Assignment Objective

You are encouraged to see the role of a project manager within the broader perspective of strategic business management, understanding where projects come from and why they are selected.

Assignment Task
For the selected project in assignment 1, assume that your scope statement is accepted. Now the management of Muscat Information Systems LLC (or the organization which you have selected) has asked you, the project manager, to submit a detail project proposal document for the selected project. Your project proposal document should be in the form of professionally complied report of 12 to 14 pages and must include the following tasks.

Question 1:
Requirements Specifications for the selected project and must include the following:
o Functional Requirements
o Resource Requirements &
o Quality Requirements

Question 2:
Compare two Project methodologies and identify the best methodology for the proposed project, by providing the rationale for selecting a particular methodology. Provide scheduling plan - Work Breakdown structure-Question list for this project (show predecessors and duration of activities include Gantt chart & Network Analysis Diagram - using any project management tool).

Question 3:
Risk Identification and Mitigation plan - identify any five risk from at least two risk categories.
You can use any of the following techniques to identify the Risks
o SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
o Scenario planning
o Morphological
o Cross-impact
o CBR (Case-based reasoning)

Question 4:
Recognize the influence of the selected project on the society/organization. Your discussion can focus on the following questions: What benefits project can bring to society/organization? Does the project promote ethical standards?

Attachment:- Project Management.rar

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