Evaluate healthcare strategies and organizational behavior

CIQHC701 Healthcare Management and Leadership - westford university college

Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate healthcare strategies and organizational behavior in the healthcare sector.
Learning Outcome 2: Critically analyze healthcare quality, patient safety and prevention of medical errors.
Learning Outcome 3: Critically appraise different leadership styles and approaches in the healthcare industry.
Learning Outcome 4: Critically analyze the essentials of good healthcare financial management.

Task 1: Presentation:

presentation should be prepared on the topic "The effective manager in healthcare industry of the 21 century" and should include information about the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective manager in the healthcare sector, description of the external context in which healthcare organizations operate, how they should be managed, and analytical techniques that can be applied to decision making processes within the health sector. The presentation should be on Power Point and consist of 20 slides maximum (22 slides with title and final slide included). All references must strictly adhere to the Harvard Referencing System. Students should make use of images, graphs, tables, illustration, maps that makes the work interesting. Every presentation will be prepared as a group effort - there would be 8 groups with 5 students each. Duration of the live presentations should not exceed 20 minutes. Every student in the group must present individually online 4 slides of the presentation. The final oral exam will be organized on two oral online sessions:

Task 2: Assignment:

The final assignment is related to the most important topics covered by the course of Healthcare Leadership and Management. They are separated in 4 parts:
• Part 1: The strategy game
• Part 2: The Risk Management Detection Form
• Part 3: The story of the boss
• Part 4: Good management, bad management

Assignment Part 1 The strategy game

You are just promoted as a manager of Mayo Clinic. You decide to implement new overall management strategy, new strategic plan and specific organizational behavior approach. In this relation prepare your ideas and critically discuss (2 pages max):
1.1 A range of different approaches to introducing your healthcare strategy and its implementation to the hospital staff. (highlight on the organizational culture and behavior)
1.2 Analyze the impact of team cultures and behaviors in the hospital in relation to your new strategic ideas.
1.3 Develop SMART objectives to measure the success of your strategic healthcare plan.

Assignment Part 2 The Risk Management Detection Form

Healthcare quality, patient safety and prevention of medical errors are some of the most important issues in healthcare industry nowadays. No matter what management is applied in a healthcare organization the correct monitoring of all processes, structures and results is crucial for quality of the healthcare services. Imagine that you are the manager of a large university hospital. Make a draft of a form which all the nursing staff can use to describe and detect the risks in your hospital. To help you with it consider these 3 issues (2 pages max):

2.1 Critically review patient safety processes for the prevention of medical errors in the healthcare environment - what are the main risks for the patients during their stay in the hospital? Are there any risks for their visitors, hospital staff, partners etc.?

2.2 Analyze legal statutory bindings in healthcare safety requirements - what are the main legal requirements you have to consider as manager that may be related and cause any risk?

2.3 Evaluate healthcare technology available for effective and efficient management of a healthcare organization's patient welfare and safety processes. Include the risks, related to it in the form.

Assignment Part 3 The story of the boss

Healthcare leaders face many challenges today. In this relation think about two of your bosses or supervisors in the past and/or present times in a particular healthcare organization/ sector. Try critically to appraise their leadership styles and approaches they have/had in the healthcare industry. You have 3 specific questions to answer (2 pages max):

3.1 Critically review the effectiveness and impact of three initiatives introduced by them as managers in the healthcare organization/ sector.

3.2 Discuss if they have/had Transactional or Transformational Leadership approaches in the healthcare organization/ sector.

3.3 Evaluate their situational leadership styles in healthcare organization/ sector.

Assignment Part 4 Good management, bad management

Choose a hospital or medical center that you are familiar with (for example: you work there, you have been working there, you studied there, you or a close person of you were patient there or else). Use internet and find information about their financial management as financial reports, management reports etc. After that answer to the questions below (2 pages max):

4.1 What are the major business risks for your chosen healthcare organization?

4.2 Critically analyze at least two year's financial statements in your chosen healthcare organization. What are the main elements of a financial statement? What are the financial results of the hospital - positive or negative?

4.3 Critically evaluate the possible use and impact of the budget allocation in your chosen healthcare organization. Think about what could hospital management do with the money and what incentives should they finance?

Attachment:- Healthcare Management and Leadership.rar

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