Evaluate and critique the expected annual energy yield and


Task and Mark distribution:(3500 words)
You should produce a feasibility study for a potential wind, hydro, or marine energy project. Given the
structure of the module and the prominence of wind in future energy plans, it is recommended for youto choose one of the assigned sites below.
Site A: Millisons Wood, UK
Site B: Anjugramam, India

Analysis should include:
A site assessment: Describe your allocated area, highlighting the factors that need to be considered whenbuilding a wind farm (including social, environmental, and technical factors) and, in general terms,discuss the suitability of the site for your project. We recommend using a clearly annotated map tosupport this discussion.

Technical assessment of the site: Site and size an optimum number of wind turbines/other across theallocated area, clearly explaining and justifying your finished site plan. For the wind farm sites, you shouldshow and evaluate the spatial distribution of noise from the operating wind turbines and discuss theirimpact and mitigation options for the surrounding area. Show the area that will be affected by shadowflicker, explaining its effect and options for mitigation. Provide and critique a Zone of Visual Influence(ZVI) map for the site without any buildings or trees.
Power Analysis: Evaluate and critique the expected annual energy yield and capacity factor of the site.Calculate and discuss the expected Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions savings for your project.

Critical Analysis: Explain the importance of a site assessment and include the limitations of your calculations. Explain what other necessary tools and analysis are needed to carry out further investigations.The proposal should cover all phases of the project from resource assessment to decommissioning, asoutlined in the below marking criteria.

Marking Criteria for project proposal Proportionof mark
1. Executive summary: Provides an overview of the main/key points of the proposal and conclusions reached.

2. Project Plan/Design: Provides a clear account of the resource assessment, site selection and development, energy system analysed, and a tentative timeframe of project life cycle.

3. Project cost/benefits: Provides a cost/benefit analysis of the proposed energy system. Cleary identify any government or private schemes applicable to the project.

4. Project constraints and risk assessment: Provides an assessment matrix of the risks that the project may face and their mitigations, as well as limitations of the proposed scheme.

5. Decommission: Provides a decommissioning plan and estimated cost of decommissioning the proposed system.

6. Proposal structure: Ensure the proposal is professional and appropriate for the targeted audience, and images and diagrams are properly referenced, following the University's guidelines.

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