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ENVR 0016 Renewable and Waste to Energy - Middle East College

Learning Outcome 1: Discuss the relationship between resources, energy generation and use
Learning Outcome 2: Explain the fundamental limitations of energy conversion

Assignment Objective
The module reviews and evaluates traditional methods of energy production and renewable energy technologies. Fundamental theories are presented from a physical science perspective. The application of these principles is then evaluated through the use of applied examples and case studies.

Each student is requested choose any two forms of energy (solar, wind, tidal, wave, geothermal, and biomass) .

Task 1. Analyse the relationship between resources, technologies used for energy generation and various application and economic use of the energy .

Task 2. Critically evaluate the current potential and limitations of the application of those energy conversion in Oman

Introduction ( 200 words )

The introduction is very important as it sets the context for the report. Summarize the brief, briefly outline the case and focus on its significance (problem statement), state the report's aim (objective), and describe how the report is organized. It is not usual to detail findings or recommendations in the introduction.

2. Case study/Evaluation of the case (report body) ( 1200 words )

The previous sections ( introduction) are preliminary sections. Case study's body section is organized as follows:

Headings should be informative and descriptive providing a clue to the contents of the section.

• Describe the context of the case. Present the central issue you will be analyzing, what decisions have already been made or changes needed.
• Justify your renewable energy resources selection, and discuss how you select the renewable energy technologies; support you selection with solid evidence such as outside research, interview, etc.
• Critically analyse your findings, and what is acceptable/not acceptable as a solution with justification.

3. Conclusions ( 100 words )
Every report should include a concluding statement/s on the subject of the report. Restate the aim of the report and state how you have achieved it. Present the main findings and key recommendations in a summarized. You should also restate the limitations of the report.

4. References
This is a list of all the sources of information you have referred to in the report (Harvard References Format); minimum 10 references. Report should include the source from website journals and reference books in Harvard CU style of referencing . Write the list of all the sources of information you have consulted incorporated in the report following the right format of listing them using the Harvard style referencing format of listing. All references listed can come from websites, journals, reference books magazines and etc. Minimum 10 citations are mandatory in the report (two source for e-library).

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