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Task One: Writing a Memo on one of the below issues

Here is a list of suggested issues:(write a memo on one of the followings)

a) In your workplace, you have noticed a slackening in the strict measures that have been imposed on all your company employees to fight against coronavirus. Write a memo to all staff members, reminding them what to be done.

b) It has come to your attention that some of staff members in your department have been spending some time playing micro games on Google. Write a memo to all staff members, reminding them what to be done.

c) During current Ramadan days, it has been noticed some staff arrive at work rather 10 to 30 minutes late. Many customers are not met by specific customer service employee they need. The solid high trust in your company is shaken. Write a memo to all staff members, reminding them what to be done.

d) Write a memo to the accounting department asking them to attend a training scheduled on Saturday to learn about the new software the company has adopted. Write a memo to accounting department telling them what to be done.

Task Two: Prepare an Informational Reporton one of the followings, and make it ready for presentation using ppt format-12 slides:

a) Distant-Learning Mode: With the outbreak of coronavirus everywhere now, many educational organizations have completely or partly shifted to the distant-learning mode. Write an informationalreport about the challenges of this method of learning and how they can be surmounted; you have also to dwell upon the changes students have to make in order to make the most of such new style of learning.

b) Pandemics in History: Throughout history, there have been a number of pandemics, diseases that killed a huge number of people and had a negative economic impact on nations. Choose three pandemics, for example smallpox, tuberculosis and BlackDeath (or any other three) and write an informational report about them with special reference to their aftermaths.

c) Bullying Children: Bullying tendencies can often show very early often in childhood, and the consequences for victims can last a lifetime. Write an informational report on bullying: examples, and methods of intervention to alleviate the horrific consequences.

Format: PPT presentation

Important Notes:

1. Both of your ppt oral tasks should appear consecutively in one ppt file in this order:
a. Memo 4 slides

- Slide 1: Memo
- Slide 2: Organization of the memo (Explain the organization of your memo after you have written it)
- Slide 3: Functions of the memo.
- Slide 4: how different a memo is from other types of business letter

b. Report 12 slides

2. Similarity index should not exceed 10 %.

3. PPT slides as bullets points not paragraph (short sentences) as below format.

4. Need to write in notes part the brief explains (3 lines) about what each slide contents.

Attachment:- Business Communication.rar

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