Discuss the motivation to eating out research paper and

Essay Assignment
Based on the assigned reading article, generate an essay following this structure

Eating is a universal need and consumers' behavior with respect to food is highly different due to many issues, one of which is cultural. Briefly discuss food habits in this region (GCC).

Answer the following without including the questions in the essay:

1- UAE cultural diversity created an opportunity for a variety of option in the food business category. Ordering vs. eating in. Discuss the norms based on your cultural behavior in your household.

2- Referring to the assigned articles, discuss the motivation to eating out research paper and comment on the findings as most applicable to your household situation.

3- Referring to the reading articles, discuss motivation to the solo-dining in Macao, reflect on the result as you see pertaining to local culture or individual behavior.


In conclusion,
- Elaborate on the food habit have matured in UAE during the pandemic, reflecting on the local culture as seen by your personal experience or observation of people with close proximate.

Answer would vary per student
- What insights might be there for manager in the food business in order to maintain customers retention or expenditure.

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