Discuss the artwork's themes and purposes - Principles of

Choose one artwork from the following: Starry Night , Vincent van Gogh (fig.19.25) Melting Point of Ice, Jean-Michel Basquiat (fig. 21.42) Guernica, Pablo Picasso. (fig. 20.11) The Horse Fair, Rosa Bonheur (fig.19.17) The Blue Room, Suzanne Valadon (fig. 19.16) Susannah and the Elders, Artemisia Gentileschi (fig.18.5) Make sure to include the title of the art work and the artist.

Remember to include your observations of the visual elements, principles of design, iconography, metaphor and please include the scale of the art work (its dimensions) How will the scale affect the viewer? Discuss the artwork's themes and purposes.

This week for the final: you will choose one art work from the list provided and using your notes, the Visual Glossary and your research, write a formal paper discussing your observations of the elements of visual art, the principles of design and detailing which "theme" and which "purpose' you believe the artwork would qualify for. You may decide on more than one theme or purpose. You must give your reasons and observations.

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